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Marion County


We are a paranormal research and investigating team based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We travel all over the state and in special cases to neighboring states. If you feel your home or business may be haunted contact us. Our goal is to help home and business owners not be afraid of strange happenings in or around their property. We stand firm on the aspect of addressing the paranormal in a respectful manner, we do not provoke or disrespect any spirits that may be in the area. All of our equipment has been purchased by our members out of our own pockets. We never ask for a fee. We look for logical explanations for anything we can, if we have a doubt about a peice of data then we won't use it. We come to the paranormally active area looking for nonparanormal possibilities. We do not assume a place is haunted. Research is conducted of the area to help validate or dismiss paranormal claims.


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